Monday 3-2-1: A New Tool to Deepen Your Bible Study (free!)

3 Quotes I’m Thinking About

“It’s better to be interested, than interesting.”

I was recently listening to a podcast on hospitality when the host commented, “It’s better to be interested, than interesting.” Simply meaning, hospitality looks like showing up in the lives of other people by caring for and being interested in them! It’s genuinely asking other people about what is happening in their lives, taking the time to listen, and following up with more questions. Another way I’ve heard it said is, “There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who show up and say ‘Here I am!’ and those who show up and say ‘There you are‘!”

“Parent small.”

When I first heard this quote I wasn’t sure what I thought about it. But the example given really resonated with me. It’s found in the moments when you’re at a playground with friends and your child does something inappropriate. Our first reaction can be to yell our directives (or threats) across the playground at the child. Parenting small is calling them over, getting down on eye level with the child, having a private conversation that no one else needs to hear, and sending them back to play.

“We cannot change the world if we cannot incarnate God’s love in our own most ordinary spaces and hours.” -Sally Clarkson

I’ve been thinking about how the world tells us where we should give our best. To our careers, to our hobbies, to our physical fitness, to our reputations, to our futures, to building our own names, but never within the walls of our own homes. I love the vision Sally Clarkson gives for the home. Places where we can be our best and give our best. Being the best story reader to my kids, serving my husband the best meals, creating order out of chaos, showing love, creativity, joy, and purpose in every ordinary space and hour in my day.

2 Things I’m Loving

  1. These teriyaki salmon bowls. They were so good I’m already repeating them next week. I made my own teriyaki sauce and used coconut aminos for the soy sauce replacement. Leave off the toppings you don’t like and I promise it will still be as good!
  2. The Next Right Thing Guided Journal. I love that you can pick up this journal and start it any month of the year (it doesn’t have to be January!) I’ve been filling mine out on Sunday afternoons as part of my weekly reflection. It’s been helping me think through questions I currently have in my life, write down highlights of the month, keep a running record of things I’m listened to/ watched/ read/ made, and reflect better on what I’m actually doing throughout the month. It’s very different than my spiritual journal that I keep for my Bible study notes, but it’s been a good reflection tool for me. Hint: I’ll add this to my Christmas list each year-I’d love to have these to look back and reflect on over the years. This would also make a creative Mother’s Day gift!

1 Tool To Deepen Your Bible Study Time (Free!)

THIS is the resource I’ve been waiting for! Paul Tripp recently finished “The Gospel: One Chapter At A Time” where he summarizes EVERY book of the Bible and shows how it points to Jesus in a short 5 minute video. These are so good! I’ve already made my way through several of them and can’t get over how helpful this resource is for understanding how Jesus is found in every book. Videos not your thing? Each one comes with a transcript you can read as well!

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