Friday 5- Easter Week!

“No matter how unpredictable and out-of-control your life feels, Jesus is reigning, and he will continue to reign until the final enemy is under his feet (1 Corinthians 15:25). That doesn’t mean you won’t experience pain and hurt in this world, but it does mean there’s nothing Jesus does not know about, cannot rescue you from, or redeem and transform.” Paul Tripp

Do you feel like you haven’t done much to prepare your family for Easter this year and suddenly Palm Sunday is already here? It’s ok! This post is for you. Here’s 5 quick, easy things you can read or listen to this week to help you and your family prepare your hearts for Easter.

3 Things to Listen To

The Psalm Spot Easter Playlist

Looking for a music selection to play in your home this week? Here’s one already made for you!

2. The Easter Story by Max McClean

This 25 minute episode of the Easter story is a great resource to play aloud as you eat lunch with your kids, run your errands, or even as an evening activity to do as a family (bring out the puzzles, legos, or coloring pages!) 

Pray the Word: Holy Week by David Platt

Join David Platt as he prays through each day and the events of Holy Week on his podcast, Pray the Word. At just 5 minutes or less, these short episodes will help you not only see the events of Holy Week as they happened, but remind you of your role in God’s big story.

2 Things to Read

Look, the World Has Gone After Him! By Jon Bloom

“But Jesus knew exactly what he was doing. The timing of Lazarus’s horrible death, of his astonishing resurrection, of Jesus’s laying low, and now of his public reappearance was all coordinated with a prescient precision that would not be noticed until later (John 12:16). His hour had come at last. He would no longer lay low. The news must spread. It was time for the ancient gates to raise their heads, and the ancient doors to lift in homage. The King of glory was on his way (Psalm 24:7).”

8 Day Easter Week Reading Plan by Paul Tripp (Free Download)

This very short, eight day Easter week reading plan is the perfect resource to start this weekend either individually, with your spouse, or together as a family! With commentary from Paul Tripp, this resource will be one you’ll want to come back to every year.


1 Thing to Add to Your Easter Basket

The Beginner’s Bible All About Jesus Sticker and Activity Book Set

This is a super cute Easter basket idea for your kids, grandkids, or even the family next door (recommended ages 3-7) that’s under $5. I suggest purchasing a few extra to store in your closet for those last minute gifting needs that arise!

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