5 Resources to Change Up Devotions with Your Kids This Summer

Last summer I released this blog post on a few resources to change up devotions with your kids over the summer. Today I’m hopping on to share a few new things we’ve added to our stack! When I feel like my kids are starting to get bored or restless with the resource we are currently using, I know it’s time to try something new.

Here are 5 resources I highly recommend as a way to change up your summer devotions with your kids!

  1. The Big Picture Story Bible and Podcast

Geared for slightly younger ages, this is a fantastic resource to help your children grow in their understanding of how the whole Bible comes together through the promises of God. The shortened text and storyline is done well enough to hold the attention of your youngest listeners, while not compromising content for the older ones. What I love most about this resource is the free podcast that reads the stories from the book to you! So on the busy summer days when you’re wondering when you’ll have time to sit down and read together as a family, you can play this podcast while you’re eating lunch, driving to the next event, or brushing teeth at night.

Recommended ages 2-6

2. The New City Catechism Devotional, Website, and App

This resource contains 52 catechisms (think a series of fixed questions and answers about God) and is geared for all ages (i.e. as young as children that can repeat a sentence back to you up to teenagers.) What I love most about this resource is the ability to access all of the content for free through the website and app (questions, answers, and songs to help children memorize). I was recently able to view the devotional, and my initial impressions were that it would be best suited for families with slightly older children (7 years +). Our family (with kids ages 6,4, and 2) is currently working on memorizing about two new catechisms a week, thanks mostly in part to the free songs available on the app.

Recommended all ages

3 & 4. Read Kaleidescope

If you’re wondering how to transition from mostly picture book reading with your kids to text without overwhelming anyone, Read Kaleidescope has done the hard work for you. While these books do contain more text than pictures, their storylines will help ease the transition into a “real Bible.” My suggestion? Do both alongside each other. Grab your own Bible and read the passage to your kids, and then go back to this and read a chapter from one of these resources and discuss.

Recommended for ages 5+.

5. The Ology

If you like resources similar to the New City Catechism but want more of a story format, this one is for you. This phenomenal book covers truths on God, people, sin, the promise and the law, Christ, the Holy Spirit, adoption into God’s family, the church, the end times, and more. The visuals in this book are incredible.

Recommended for ages 5+.

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