St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is more than a day dressing in green and talking about leprechauns and rainbows! As parents or caregivers of children, we can use even this holiday as another opportunity to point children to the gospel. Not even sure what that could look like? I promise, you don’t need a degree in theology to do this! Let’s keep it simple, fun, and doable for all of us while looking for ways we can incorporate God into everything.

First up, you probably want to consider investing in this fantastic set by Voice of the Martyrs, The Courageous Series, to pull out at different holidays. I haven’t been able to find any books through a local library that come even close to the content quality of these. (You can also purchase books individually if desired.)

Patrick: God’s Courageous Captive

Next up, do grab a few picture books from your local library. Here’s what we currently have on hold to read this year. I usually aim for around 5-10 picture books for each holiday so that we can be exposed to a wide range of writing styles and imagery.

Picture BookList (go for 5-10 picture books) 

Also mentioned in this post: Noah and the Very Big Boat


If you have littles (or grandkids), plan one small craft. Don’t have kids? Consider grabbing some supplies for a craft, packing them in a box, and gifting a young mom.

Supplies needed: large marshmallows or bell peppers (or both!), green finger paint (make sure it’s washable), white paper

  • Shamrock craft (this craft can be used to teach children about the trinity)

Supplies needed: toothpick, tape, scissors, yarn, hole punch, glue stick, colored card stock or construction paper (you’ll need green, brown, yellow, and white) , printable template (see post for printable)

Want a chance to connect with your neighbors? Plan a simple outdoor gold coin scavenger hunt (aka these chocolate coins) with the neighbor kids and invite everyone over for snacks afterward!

Supplies needed: chocolate coins

This craft involves nature, but slightly more time (see supply list on blog). This would be a great craft to read alongside Noah and the Very Big Boat (discussing God’s great promise behind the rainbow).

Food Ideas

And of course food makes everything more fun! Gather around your table, grab a read aloud (or two or three!) and enjoy making some new traditions with your family. My biggest suggestion is to not make this too complicated. Choose 1-2 recipes that would easily fit into your day!

Around the World

There are still countries in the world today where people still kidnap others and sell them as slaves. We may never be kidnapped by people of a strange land and forced to tend sheep or camels, but like Patrick, our friends may laugh at us for believing in a God we cannot see with our eyes.” -Patrick, The Courageous Book Series

St. Patrick’s Day is an opportunity to teach our children (in age appropriate ways) that there are millions of people around the world who are being forced into slavery today. We should take some time around our tables to pray and remember them.

Do you subscribe to the free magazine by Voice of the Martyrs? This is a great resource to read together as a family and remember those around the world who are risking their lives for the gospel. You might also be interested in this resource for praying around the world with your children.


I hope you see that as you gather around kitchen tables for a craft, cook with your kids, snuggle on a couch with some books, or get outside with your neighbors…all of these are everyday opportunities you can use to point your children to the great promises of God, both for those in persecution around the world and for us who might be there someday.

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