February Roundups (the best of the best)

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6 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Every Week

What brought you joy this week?
What was something that was hard this week?
What’s one specific thing I can do for you this week?
How can I pray for you this week?
Is there anything that’s been left unspoken or unsaid? (Convictions, confessions, unresolved hurt?)
What’s a dream, desire or thought that’s been on the forefront of your mind this week?
(taken from the marriage journal)

Marriage Tips (from someone learning right alongside you)

Valentine’s Day. Are you and your spouse gift givers? Gifts (and coffee) are my love language. It took me a few years into marriage to finally understand that my husband did not share the same sentiments. Gifts aren’t really his thing (he’s really good at giving- it just doesn’t matter a whole lot that he receives!) Maybe like us you’ll pass on gifts this Valentine’s Day, but here are some fun ideas to add to that list on your phone of “gift giving ideas” for later (think birthday, anniversary, or  Christmas!) 

The Adventure Challenge 
A friend told me her husband gifted her this for Christmas. It’s 50 scratch off date night ideas (ranging from $0-50) that will spark some creativity in your marriage. According to the “rules” there’s no take backs once you scratch off the date idea (that’s the fun in it!) 

The Marriage Journal
This journal includes a weekly couples devotional, the “6 questions to ask your spouse” prompts, a calendar page, and room to write down journal entries during the week with your spouse.

Not Married? (you still belong here)

Singleness by Journeywoman Podcast
What Hope Does God Give Lonely Singles? Ask Pastor John Podcast (feat. Matt Chandler)
Singles in the Body of Christ by Well Watered Women (article)
Trusting God in Your Singleness by Revive our Hearts (article)
7 Myths About Singleness by Sam Alberry (book)

In My Earbuds (there’s something for everyone here)

Welcoming Your Neighbors
 Family Life Podcast
“Now, I would say that maybe your neighbors have more reason to fear you than you have to fear them. Have you thought about that? Maybe your politics and your theology and your language and your faith will provide more of a challenge, more of a life crisis, for your neighbors than they will for you.”

Is It Time to Press Pause on Social Media
Five Minute Mom Podcast

This podcast might not convince you to delete your social media accounts, but hopefully it challenges you to think through why you use them.

6 Questions to Ask Your Spouse 
Work and Play Podcast

I discovered the 6 questions to ask your spouse from listening to this podcast. A great listen for the month of February!

 What Every Marriage Needs Most
Ask Pastor John
“Behaviors are late things. Early things are soul things: attitudes, feelings, angers, joys. And that’s where the battle is fought — with Jesus, over your Bible — so that when you get up in the morning and go down to the breakfast table after a half an hour with Jesus, coming to terms with your own sin, confessing, you’re able to speak upbuilding things.”

Putting Your Marriage First: Give Him More Than the Leftovers
Risen Motherhood Podcast
“How can you save physical and emotional energy for your husband each day? I ask myself that sometimes during the day. How can I maybe not do this extra task so that I truly have extra energy? Or even these conversations on how can I intentionally put aside part of me to save for my husband?”

On Our Bookshelves

February Reads (what I’m currently reading)

Just Open the Door
Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

With My Kids (books we’ve been enjoying)

Acts ( Read Kaleidescope)
Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey
Secret of the Hidden Scrolls (Book 5)
Read A Loud Revival February Book List

Discipleship Resources (did I mention free??)

Chip Ingram Mealtime Conversations
Village Church Family Discipleship Guide

On Our Walls, In Our Hearts (something fun and pretty)

Looking for some Valentine’s Day banners to light up your hearts and your homes?
Here’s a few of my favorites.
1 Corinthians Banner
Love Is Banner
Wooden Heart Garland

In My Freezer (easy meals to make, take, & deliver)

You can find all these ingredients at your local Aldi! I like to keep everything on hand so I can quickly whip up a a family dinner for us and a casserole for that friend who is having a hard week.

Stuffed Acorn Squash
I’ve been tweaking this recipe! I left out the apple and made mine with a box of wild rice, sautéed italian sausage/ celery/ carrot, and stuffed it all in my baked acorn squash. I ended up having enough leftover stuffing to freeze and save for another meal! 
Tip: Make some of these and deliver them to your next door neighbors to sample!

Spaghetti bake
+ Some fun add ons like frozen meatballs, garlic bread and a bagged salad will make this a complete meal.
ps. Ground beef is optional (I usually leave it out when I’m in a hurry!)

Mom Tip: 
Have a list of easy meals  to grab & go.
If you have access to a Costco in your area, these are some great ideas to keep on hand in your freezer and fridge for a quick meal to take to someone else! 

-Breakfast muffins: buy two, deliver one (bakery section)
-Mac n cheese pasta bake (back freezer section)
-Chicken alfredo bake (back freezer section)
-Bagged salad & rotisserie chicken (back freezer section)
-Cookies (bakery section)

PPS. Don’t forget a bag with paper plates, napkins, silverware, and some lemonade! 

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