Monday 3-2-1: 12/14/20

Hey there! I hope this post fills you with some fresh ideas this holiday season as I share some new & favorite things I’ve been loving!

3 Tips (for the holiday season)

  • If we’re honest, most of us tend to make many of the same recipes (after all, family traditions!). Instead of rifling through all your recipe books, try laminating those favorite holiday recipes and ingredient lists. Store these in a folder in your Christmas box so you have it all in one place next year! Thanks to the Mom to Mom Podcast: Mom Hacks for the Christmas Season for this tip!
  • Keep all those Christmas cards! Instead of throwing them away on December 26, consider keeping them. We hole-punched ours last year and put them on a ring. We went back through the pictures throughout the year and prayed for different families. As my kids get older (and less destructive), I would like to have a basket in our home to display the sets so we can continue to look through them. I’ve also seen people put them in photo albums! For more inspiration check out this post.
  • Consider taking some extended time off social media. If you haven’t parted ways with instagram or facebook for more than a day this year, I would highly encourage you to take a real rest. We often don’t know how much it has really affected us until we put it away for a week or two. Trust me, you won’t regret it (and you really won’t miss anything). For more encouragement on good social media habits, check out the Good Enough Podcast: Social Media Habits and Rhythms

2 Things I’m Loving

This orange slice garland by A Daily Something is beautiful. I’m adding it to my list of intentional things to do with the kids this Christmas season!

Hosting your grandkids? This movie might be the perfect way to fill the afternoon after opening presents. Our kids loved it!

1 Quick Thought

Reach out to 1 lonely or hurting person this week.

We all have that one name that comes to mind. I love this quote from Jen Schmidt…

“I tend to be the queen of best intentions. I intend to invite the people over. I intend to finish this project. And then all of a sudden a week, a month, six months goes by, and Queen of Best Intentions never got [it] done. So right now, think of that person that you have said for the last three months, “I need to reach out to her and just text her and see how she’s doing, and maybe ask if [she wants] to get coffee.” It just starts by doing it. And don’t overthink it, right? Don’t talk yourself out of it before it happens. Take that first step.” –Jen Schmidt

I would love to hear from you!

I would love to hear YOUR tips for the holidays, things you’re loving, and any thoughts you have this advent season.

Happy Monday!


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