5 Books to Change Up Devotions for Your Kids This Summer

Are you looking to change things up with your kids this summer? Maybe you’re like us and you’ve read through your children’s Bibles several times over this year already. When I feel like my kids are starting to approach our devotional time at night bored with the same stories, I’ve found it can be really helpful to try something new a few times a week!

Here are 5 books I highly recommend as a way to change up your summer devotions with your kids! 

  1. Everything a Child Should Know About God

This book is simple enough to read to a toddler and yet deep enough to start building systematic theology with your 7 year old. It has sections on who God is, the problem of sin, Jesus coming to help us, salvation, the Holy Spirit, why we go to church, and more. I love the questions on every page, colorful illustrations, additional reading suggestions, and all of the topics this book tackles. 

Recommended for children 3-8 yrs

  1. What Every Child Should Know about Prayer

I know what you’re thinking. An entire children’s book on prayer? If you think about it, your children learn what prayer looks like and sounds like from watching you. If I think long and hard about that, I quickly realize there’s probably a lot to prayer that I’m NOT teaching them. 

Recommended for children 3-8 yrs

  1. Everyone a Child Should Know

Looking for ways to inspire your children towards kingdom work for Jesus someday? Your children need to read and hear the missionary stories of others. One of the most powerful tools you can give your kids is to show them the faithful lives of others who have given it all to follow Christ. 

Recommended for children 3-8 yrs

  1. Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science

Are your kids elementary age or even junior high? This devotional by Louie Giglio is highly interactive and you’ll find yourself learning science facts right alongside your kids! 

Recommended for children 5-12 yrs

  1. Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey

It might be the last one on the list, but it’s actually my favorite. This children’s version of Pilgrim’s Progress is phenomenal. Not only is the artwork incredible and the storyline well done, but they’ve included helpful discussion questions for each chapter you can do with your children.  

Recommended for children 5-10 yrs

Four Other Mothers to Remember This Mother’s Day

  1. A spiritual mother

Is there anyone who has taken the time to invest in your life spiritually over the years? This can be any woman, regardless of whether or not they are a mom! This is someone who has mentored you, invested in you, given wisdom and encouragement, and walked alongside life with you.

Think back and ask yourself: Who have been some of the most influential spiritual mothers in my life?

2. A forgotten mother

This might be the friend who has two toddlers and a newborn and feels like she is drowning in diapers and spit up. It might be the mom struggling with postpartum depression, lack of sleep, and a husband’s long work hours.. This might be your friend who is doing the difficult and heartbreaking work of foster care. This might be the mom who has barely survived another year of homeschool with her five kids. This is most definitely the mom with a special needs child.

Ask yourself: who is one mom in my life that would appreciate being remembered?

3. A hurting mother

This might be the friend who is surviving their first Mother’s Day as a single mom since the divorce. Or the friend who is still grieving the last few years of miscarriages. It might be the mom whose children are no longer speaking to them. It will most definitely be the moms who have lost a child.

Ask yourself: who is one mom in my life that is hurting that I could reach out to with some encouragement?

4. A “not-yet” mother

These are the women who have longed to be mothers for so long but their arms and homes are still empty. Infertility is often a dark, lonely road for many women.

Ask yourself: who is one “not-yet” mother that I could pray for by name today?